In 1987 interior designers Marilyn Parker and Vin Roberts had the idea to create a new kind of design consultancy that would bring exciting, business-focused design to the hospitality and leisure industries.

Since that time Parker Roberts Design has grown to be a multidisciplinary team of professionals, dedicated to producing compelling and practical design solutions for a wide mix of clients in the food service/hospitality/leisure industries.


We believe that design is an immensely powerful marketing tool. If your business is already delivering quality, value, and service, good design can add to the equation. It can put distance between you and your competition. It will communicate your values to your customers and staff. In short, it will add value to your proposition.

Having learned that often the best concepts originate within our client organizations, we work with them to realize their ideas, by introducing our combination of innovation, creativity, and experience into the project team, ensuring a successful outcome.